Friday, July 28, 2006

prayers, please

received heartbreaking news that judy phillips passed away from a heart attack early this morning.

she and i received awards last night at the relay wrap up - she was the top individual fundraiser and i was the top online fundraiser. so incredibly impossible to believe that we were sitting together just 15 hours ago.

knowing her for twenty years through her daughters and st. charles and getting to spend some amazing time with her during the last few years at relay...i can't believe it.

please keep her in your prayers for the repose of her well as her family: harry, beth, jill, and joel.


Anonymous said...

Shelley, I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend. My thoughts are with you.

Unknown said...

Shelley ... Thank you for writing about Mrs. Phillips. What a joy she was, and how blessed we all are to have known her and loved her and laughed with her. I can only imagine how weird it must've been to hear about her death when you'd just seen her. What a void her death leaves in the St. Charles community and in our cancer-fighting community.

God bless ...

Kate (McEntee) DeWeese

Unknown said...

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