Sunday, July 30, 2006

my first wedding

spent all day (nearly 12 hours) today shooting my first wedding as part of a five person team with three photographers, from integritas photography. exhausting, but so very very fun.

the bride and groom were unbelievably chill, and loved every moment of the day...from the ceremony, adventure to the arboretum, and up to marysville for the reception.

here are a few of my favorites from the 1000+ images and 3+ gigabytes of images i shot...

the girls at the arboretum, waiting for the bride to arrive.

the groom and his boys, after a uber-fabulous rendition of ice ice baby...

the bride...
...with her bouquet toss at the reception
...earlier in the day just after getting dressed
and the beautiful cake...which tasted better than it looked.
pretty close to impossible. :)

and seriously, it wouldn't be a trademark shelley mauss event without the jumping shot.
but this time...with a twist.

the bride and groom are kissing while everyone else is in the air.

yup, the whole thing made me happy.


Easycure said...

The "jump" picture is your that at every function you photograph.

It's brings the kid out of everyone in the shot. (Warning: I'm about to rant.) It's abandonment of the's freeing one's self of's just plain uplifting of the soul. Literally and figuratively. I love those shots you do.

The other shots are superior as well. The bride is beautiful, the men're really good at this.

Marie said...

Shelley, your talents are amazing. What awesome pictures!!! You are a pro!

Anonymous said...

Great job woman! Fantastic shots!

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