Wednesday, June 14, 2006

with you in spirit...

One of the guys in our office was reactivated and deployed to Iraq earlier this year. Super fabulous Kris and I signed up for the month of June to send his monthly care package. When brainstorming, she had a fabulous idea...a book of "We're With You in Spirit" wishes. She added Zoomy the Zoomlens to the mix, and we were off and running.

The rules:
  • Everyone photographed had to be wearing camouflage.
  • Peeps were encouraged to "hide out", "be sneaky", or look "combat-like" in their photos. Picture guys sneaking out from under their desks, hiding behind plants, or climbing across cubes.
  • All the photos would be published in the book, and they could sign their individual pages.
The results were fabulous. I'll be honest, how everyone got into it just humbled Kris and me. We filled the book with some fantastic photos and the words that were shared were beautiful.

Since I'm not naming anyone, here are a few that brought tears to my eyes:

  • I would crawl over any cubicle wall with my plastic fork and knife to welcome you back.
  • Hope this finds you doing well....may you continue to press on. When you have a moment, look at Psalm 121.
  • Airborne! Kick ass, take names, come home safe!
  • Thank you for being willing to serve in any way asked. You and your brothers in arms are the ones who allow the rest of us to feel always safe - you are in our hearts.
  • As Private Benjamin once said, "Do you have something in another color?"
  • I just returned home from a trip that included a visit to the Pentagon. Having served in Viet Nam, I know what you're going through. I can't tell you just how proud I am of the people serving their country in this difficult war on terror. May the good Lord protect you and bring you home safe.

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Easycure said...

A great idea!

I did something similar at BCRA:

One of our BCRA employee's husband went to Iraq and I started a DVD club.

We sent packages of DVDs over to Iraq monthly, because when they have downtime they usually just watch movies. The recipient can start a library at his unit and when he comes home he can leave the movies there for the rest of the people.

It worked well and there are DVD over there for the others still there.

It's a thought.

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