Thursday, June 8, 2006

thursday musings

short and sweet...

  • while i am happy for brian and amy's new baby, born on 6/6/6 at the finest catholic hospital in downtown tacoma, i believe that 'shelley marieisthecoolest' would have been a fabulous name for the little one. does a boy really need to be named 'henry joseph' to be manly? :)
  • cottage cheese, when flipped upside down and all over your keyboard at the office, makes it difficult to work effectively.
  • my cafepress order arrived yesterday, full of mini-buttons, doggy tees, and journals. good stuff. viper looks fabulous in her new threads.
  • thanks to one of the guys in our office, mom and dad got hooked up with a sweet personal tour of the pentagon next monday in washington d.c. their mission is a cute, single guy that wants to relocate to the northwest...
  • stella and g-pity are the funniest people to be with when watching so you think you can dance. that reaffirms that short of a few lemon drops, you will never catch me on the dance floor. :)

happy thursday!


Easycure said...

A few comments:

He should haereafter be known as Joe. Cottage cheese sucks more in your mouth than on your keyboard. You have great taste in doggie tees. I think you should find a local guy. And dancing is fun, so get your butt out there.

Oh, and Happy Belated Birfday!

And lastly, my password for this comment was "yzdbhjz". Vowel-less passwords are a pet-peeve of mine.

Anonymous said...

ah, yes, we love our lemondrops...

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