Monday, June 5, 2006

of birthdays and fabulous peeps

nothing like a weekend birthday celebration with my friends...benefiting the relay for life! all my favorite things rolled up into one!

instead of presents, i asked that peeps might consider a gift to the american cancer society. i offered dinner, drinks, and breakfast (if they crashed at the house) as a trade-off.

i had no idea that people would be so generous.

with partial matching gifts from the merrill lynch foundation, gifts from my peeps totalled over $1500! i hope to have everything added to my fundraising page by the end of the week...and i should be over halfway to my goal!

thank you so much!! ♥

and if you feel so inclined to help a sista out to her's the link. :)

and zoomy the zoomlens was on the prowl. see the sunset photo above (the sunset on saturday night from the deck at the house) to my faves below...

  • sir timmy of monaco, aimee and tom (doing his magnum)
  • vic, stella, and me - everyone loves a catholic girl!
  • liz and rachael - see more of them here!
  • karl and vic (nice shirt!)

i am so humbled at the all rock my socks!!

and a thanks to stella, for the e-props on her blog!

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