Sunday, June 18, 2006

sunday mornings

a great weekend...

the shower, amy's birthday last night (see the shirts i designed with g-pity's face, and her matching pose above), and lots of projects getting finished yesterday and today. built the framework for the website a challenge to love for crystal and eddie, and have a list a mile long to finish before i head to bed tonight.

i did miss a few things yesterday afternoon - a going away party, the central pierce relay w/collins, babbitt and lyons...just needed some time to get caught up. i know the fab four will just have too too much speh-shelleyness next it's all good!

heading to mass in a few, then out to the house this afternoon for father's day.

confidential to my papa...
thanks for putting up with me. you make my life better simply by being in it! :) i love you! ♥

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