Sunday, June 18, 2006

of frillies and lacies

the wedding shower...for frilly underthings that lead to things that the sister of the groom just doesn't want to think about.

found myself shopping, looking at cute little teddies and red lacy nighties, and thought, "wow. this is going to lead to mike and kristine...oh! get the thought out of my mind! no more! my eyes! they're blinded!"

so i found what any older sister-of-the-groom should buy for their new sister-in-law at her lingerie shower.

off their registry: mary poppins, cinderella and alice in wonderland on dvd.

the shower itself was fabulous...her sister ashley and kelsey, her mom, and her friend amelia put together a great gathering. some of kristine's friends travelled across the state with their wee little ones (see photo above) and a lot of western nccm peeps were there as well. it'll be fun to see them all again in august at the wedding.

and in case you are wondering who gave kristine the little pink thong?

you guessed it.

my mom. ♥

1 comment:

Val said...

Oh your mom, I've heard stories about your mom....:)

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