Monday, June 26, 2006


there are no other words to explain it.

from the moms of two of my close friends (mama g and mama clarke) taking to the track for the survivors lap, michael g's sharing during luminaria, the midnight rosary to st. peregrine, relaying it american-style with the canadians, or relishing in the role of team captain instead of event was simply amazing.

i loved it.

and how we rocked the house! team merrill took home the top corporate team award ($47,500 raised so far), top online fundraising team award, and the best tent site. i was awarded the top online individual fundraiser, with over $5,000 of my $9,000+ raised online. over $640,000 raised so far by the event for the cure for cancer.


our tent site was amazing. designed by tony marino, lighting and power by sir timmy of monaco, it glowed a magenta purple at night, with the dark silhouettes of runners brightened by a mobile (made from a turkey rotisserie, no less!) of the same runners illuminated with white light. you had to see it to believe it. people stopped by all saturday offering praise, wanting to see how we did it, and called it "an event on its own!".

more to come, but wanted to share this before i headed to bed. in the office tomorrow, leaving for michigan on wednesday. so looking forward to waking up saturday morning in my own cozy bed. in the meantime...

debbie, christi hill (our survivor carrying the baton in opening ceremonies), sandra and me, with our team baton
the gatbunton family, before the opening lap

wee peeps from the soundview mortgage team
stella, her sister and her mom, who walked in her first survivors lap

the bloom girls with me - love them.
two of the incredible luminaria from team bcra.

karl hamming it up with the canadians. he rocked on saturday afternoon. so proud of him.
mikey and kristine on friday evening. mikey's first year on our team, and kris's first relay.

you've got to see through my eyes for some fabulous photos.

finished the thank you video for my team, check it out if you have a few minutes. it's pretty sweet. :)

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Anonymous said...

congrats on the success of the relay and the fundraiser! way to go and very proud of you!

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