Thursday, May 25, 2006

wild about lemons

the first day of my ten-day birthday celebration. :)

and it's just the FIRST time I turn 29!

mom and i took a sweet cooking class in seattle - which couldn't have been more my style. wild about lemons. lemons in everything - from the drinks to the dessert to every course. i loved it.

a few highlights before i crash into bed...
  • mom actually made lemon herb ricotta ravioli...from scratch. keep in mind - this is the woman whose version of cooking is phoning ahead to metropolitan market and discussing what the cook will make for her. ♥ and we love her for it.
  • lemon is grubbin' - in everything.
  • i actually ate endives. they were yummy.
  • i am getting some of those sweet tools we used to make homemade pasta. pasta making party, anyone? :)
  • and some goodies to make homemade limoncello. if you're nice, you just might end up on my christmas gift list!
  • though mom and i have more different about us than similar, those unique differences constantly remind me why i love her. how - in so many ways - she opens my eyes to things i wouldn't see normally.
  • i love how passionate she is about her vocation as a therapist. she really is fabulous. i am one blessed daughter. thanks, mom, for tonight. i love you.
and because it wouldn't be a mauss family adventure without a "big k" quote...

"i think we should take home some raviolis to your father, he'll never believe that i made it."
"or we could eat it tonight, and make him dinner from scratch for father's day."
"shelley, this is an experience. let's not make it a habit."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love your Mom said that!!
"this is an experience, lets not make a habit."

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