Thursday, May 25, 2006


an insanely hectic week. i'm so grateful it's almost over. haven't been to bed before midnight at all this week. and let me tell you, i can be a big crabby grump-a-licious when i don't have enough sleep. just ask kris. i'm glad she puts up with me. ♥

finished 400 wedding invitations tonight - invites and response cards. picked up the engagement photos, already printed the return addresses on the envelopes before they went to be calligraphied, and mikey and kris are picking everything up this weekend.

happy wedding day, you two! ♥

i know that i'm way behind on e-mails and phone calls - nearly a dozen messages on my home/cell that i haven't returned yet. that also tends to happen when you leave your blackberry in someone else's car...forgive me...this was just one of those weeks!

heading into the office for a few hours tomorrow morning, then to spokane, relaying in canada on saturday, staying in ellensburg with the ever fabulous miss vickie sue on sunday, and home on monday.

please pray for safe travels. lots of miles.

and also, please pray for a family that i love dearly...they are struggling through a very challenging time, and could use all the prayer support they can get. some of the most fabulous, supportive, loving, faithful people i know...for grace, peace, strength, and His will to be done. i just love them heaps and heaps and heaps... ♥


p.s. - guess what's one week from today?!?

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Anonymous said...

thank you sooooooooooo much, shelley. the invitations look incredible! you're the best :)

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