Wednesday, May 24, 2006

one month and counting

one month from today is the relay for life of tacoma.

my team is currently at $7,000ish. our goal is $50,000.
we have a little bit of work to do.

inspired by that, here's a sneaky peek into team merrill. we came up with the idea during our feast at panera (big surprise) and i created when i got home tonight.

we selected "i run for life" by melissa etheridge as our team song. this year, we relay for all of the cancer survivors in our merrill family. if you have 4 minutes and 10ish seconds to spare, you should check this out. it will rock your socks. :)

(the resolution is 320x240, so you may need to reduce your windows media player a bit to make it look sharp and crisp and pretty. not that i'm a freak about details or anything. ♥)

Team Merrill: I Run For Life

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