Tuesday, May 2, 2006

on the move

a little of what's been happening up at western nccm, where mike is the catholic campus minister.

it's an interesting piece. keep in mind that the catholics active in ministry at western outnumber the lutherans active in ministry almost 8 to 1. they were evicted at the first of last month.


After 40 years of co-ownership, the Lutheran Student Movement of Western will become the sole owner of Western’s Shalom Center after the Newman Catholic Campus Ministry moves out Sunday.

The Catholic ministry’s services will move on campus for the remainder of the spring quarter, while business offices will move to Sacred Heart Parish at 1110 14th Street in Fairhaven until the ministry can finalize ownership of a new ministry house.
The ministry had grown to approximately 200 members and was too large for the facility, so it wanted its own space, he said. The Catholic ministry rented space at the center from the Lutheran ministry in the meantime, he said.
Mauss said the Catholic ministry is leaving the Shalom Center two months earlier than planned because of high rental fees the ministry could no longer afford. He said confusion regarding the rental agreement led to the unexpectedly high rates.

The Catholic ministry decided to pay for the remaining rental expenses and leave the center April 30 after receiving a notice of eviction from the Lutheran ministry’s lawyer in the first week of April, he said.

“We had outgrown the building,” Mauss said. “We wanted to upgrade the center, but the Lutheran Ministry had no need to upgrade. The move-out date was pushed forward due to rental rates that were out of our scope.”

read more from the western front online

please keep the ministry in your prayers as they adjust to a very small space, with a ministry that's bursting at the seams.

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