Monday, May 1, 2006

a case of the mondays...or not

in the midst of a busy few days...finding joy in the busyness and craziness.
  • a great relay 101 on saturday - standing room only crowd! gotta love that! good to see so many new captains excited to begin relaying...just 53 days to relay!
  • my aunt sue was confirmed in the Catholic faith last night - so honored to see it. my little cousin, brandon, has been such a light in her faith journey, and it's been so much fun to see. can't wait for his first communion next year.
  • seeing flight 93 on saturday night - powerful. sad. terrifying. heartbreaking. all in one.
  • thirteen hours of sleep saturday night, and a three hour nap on sunday. can we say long overdue? four loads of wash, cleaning out the spare bedroom for karl, and prepping for the week.
  • karl moving in yesterday...two days into it...we're all still alive. :)
  • dinner tonight with my fabulous girls group - at my house - and remembering i was hosting just this morning. a quick dinner prepared, saved by michael g, who brought by sandwiches and goodies. planned the summer events and worked in a ton of goodies from here to september.
  • still made swim class tonight! that was my happy joy, since i was feeling schlumpy after missing friday. yea for flutter kick monday!
  • kristine is here tonight, preparing for some interviews tomorrow. keep her in your prayers!
  • i've been slacking on through my eyes - but i'll get caught up tomorrow. re-coding this site and coding for relay has made me tired of typing!
  • a dinner tomorrow night in seattle...swim on wednesday...birthday shindig on thursday, cinco de mayo on friday, and the wedding shower on saturday...looking forward to saturday night! :)
off to bed...dreaming of wentworth miller and how his prison break adventure will end on my front porch. i can dream, can't i?


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