Friday, May 12, 2006

a few of my favorite things

inspired by a post from paolo. it was this quote that i absolutely love:

there are things which nobody would see
unless i photograph them.
-diane arbus

with that in mind, while i'm busy burning 10 dvds full of goodies from my now-happy hard drive, canny the canonlens and i took some shots of a few of my favorite things...some of the faves in my home. from the upper left...

  1. the flower bush in my backyard. i have no idea what kind it is (big surprise), but it always blooms in time for my birthday.
  2. self-portraits. i love these. at last count, i have over 750 self-portraits of me and people i love. hanging in the charcoal-painted bathroom...a black frame filled with black and white self-portraits. some of my favorite peeps are shown above...dave, michael g, rachael, vickie, jeannie...
  3. my cosmopolitan body powder. it's sparkly and yummy flavored. a christmas gift from chris, who i would never picture actually purchasing this in a store.
  4. a cross from el salvador, on my ribbon shelf. a gift from marie (who's newly engaged!) when she travelled down there with world vision. i love it.
  5. books by my bedside. probably close to fifty. predominantly photography, scrapping, catholic authors, and instyle magazine. among my faves in the designs for scrapbooking, a designer's eye for scrapbooking, blessings from the battlefield, and my newest...clean and simple, part deux. here's hoping the pile never falls on viper.
  6. and speaking of...viper with her short 'do! she can't stop running around right now.

just finishing the last backups now...and then it's off to the milasich house...i hear there's a hot tub and the new, improved fresca myascas! :)

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