Friday, April 14, 2006

road trip to the hammer

bellingham, that is.

an ever-eventful road trip with the fam. a ton of things to do today after getting home, so here's the reader's digest version, until i have a bit more time:

dinner with mike and kristine, Holy Thursday Mass at sacred heart, an adventure getting three dogs into the suite at the hotel bellwether, breakfast on a rainy, blustery friday morning (which nearly killed the idea of outdoor engagement photos), an amazing front desk hostess who came through in a pinch for some creative photos, the skies opening up for a few precious moments outside, climbing up the lighthouse as a surprise, and drive-by tulip action at the skagit valley tulip festival on the way home.

just a few of my favorites for now...

1 comment:

foxmulder said...

My vote's for the closeup shot.

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