Tuesday, April 25, 2006

let the fire fall

you gotta love a good confirmation Mass.

and bishop eusebio elizondo rocks the house, yet again.

i have never seen a more passionate bishop in my life. you can understand why the Sacrament of Confirmation is so important to him, as he is in the Order of the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit. virtually the entire Mass was bi-lingual, and i've got to give some e-props to father young, who i knew could speak spanish, but had no idea he was so fluent. wow.

looking directly into the eyes of the confirmandi (turning to confimanti), bishop elizondo told them that the Church is counting on them. they make a difference. they should be considering a vocation to the priesthood or religious life. reminding them how much they are loved, and how important they are.

it was amazing.

i had the privilege of being the sponsor of miss elizabeth evans (receiving the laying on of hands above left, and in a self portrait above right). the younger sister of one of my high school best friends, she was confirmed with her mom into the Church last night. it's hard to believe that she's not the messy little four year old anymore, but a senior in high school, ready to head into her next step in life.

there's nothing like having a part in someone's sacramental life. joyous. humbling. and to share in the Mass with her and the others taking the next step in their words can describe it.

except for the words sending the bishop sent us out, he wished for us to "go rock sumner and seattle!"

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