Saturday, April 29, 2006

in her shoes

you gotta love dave rosholm.

this was the e-mail he sent out when he decided to support the sexual assault center of pierce county. it's classic dave, and it raised a good chunk of change.
Subject: Help Me Make a Fool of Myself

I know - every single one of you at the same time said, "Like he needs help with that." That's hilarious. Really. You're all very funny.

I'm emailing this august group to let you know that I've been asked to help a very good cause by doing something absolutely silly.

On April 28, I'm going to participate in the Sexual Assault Center of Pierce County's "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" event. You guessed it - I'll have towalk a mile in womens shoes. In public. Outside. Did I mention it's in public?

Depending on what shoes I'm asked to sport on that fine day, I could even be risking serious injury, and not just to my dignity. So, will you support me? All donations of $20 or more will receive a picture of me in women's shoes. I do not want to know what you'll be doing with the picture.

As I like sleeping at night, I'll not bother to ponder that. That'll be your little secret. Any donation will be appreciated and your bound-to-be-in-my-inbox-soon smart-a$$ remarks will be just great, too. (Gentleman, before you start with the "Brokeback Banker" remarks, I challenge you to don some pumps for a goodcause, too - or are ya yella'?)

Donations, support and general mail mayhem can be sent to me at the address below or just dropped off, or interofficed for those ColumbiaBankers in the group. Good karma awaits all of you. On a serious note, I know too many kids I don't want this to happen to, and too many adults to whom it has. I'll be a fool to help stop that dead in its tracks, any day.

Thanks - really, for anything you choose to do. Now go ahead and have some fun with I need to encourage you. I'm ready for it. Bring it on.

When I inquired about the ‘cost’ for a digital photo, this was the response in my inbox…

The PhotoShop girl will not be getting a digital copy.I'm not that big a foo'. Uh-uh...

So Kris, Aimee and I walked down to Pacific Ave., and took our own photos. :)

if you feel so moved, you can support him as well.

dave's "in her shoes" page

[and we all know that dollars coming in through a fabulous fundraiser like this are infinitely better than dollars coming in from productions of the v-monologues. :) ]

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Anonymous said...

How could you not adore this man. He has such a big heart. Thanks for posting that Shell.

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