Tuesday, February 14, 2006

an udderly wonderful valentine's day

i love valentine's day. actually, i love every holiday. except for boxing day. mainly because we don't have it here in the u.s. but that's besides the point. :)

we packaged nearly 300 candy grams last sunday, for delivery today. raising nearly $1900 for the american cancer society, we pushed our team total just over $5000! needless to say, i'm thrilled that the 75 dozen cookies, brownies and almond roca have made it to the hands of those who received them, and far out of my reach.

and seriously, one of the funniest things about putting them together was reading what people wrote on their messages. you'd find the typical "you're great", "happy valentine's day", and the bob-z-don't-use-too-many-words "HVD", but the absolute best were the peeps who didn't know how to use abbreviations, and simply wrote, "HAPPY V.D.!"

i've finally had a few moments to play with my new photoshop cs2, and i absolutely love it. i can't wait to get some springtime pictures and see all the super fabulous things i can do with them!

bailey babbitt moved in yesterday morning, and he and viper have been terrorizing the neighborhood. if you hear screams from terrified people, it's the little maltapomapoo and lhasa apso that are causing the fear.

the best way to tell that you have two wild pooches running through the house?
when you come home, you see the blinds from the front windows.
laying on the floor.
by the back door.
and two little pups hiding under the couch.

back to today. i love the little touches of valentine's!! we were given free lattes today at harbor rock, but since i detest coffee with the fire of a thousand suns, i ended up with white chocolate dipped strawberries. i had a heart shaped bagel for breakfast, and my closest single friends were treated to a valentine's mix for hot, single chicks.

did i mention i love valentine's day?

spent valentine's evening in a sweet little restaurant in gig harbor, and received beautiful roses and the first season of lost. i love valentine's day.

and you know what? you can hug a catholic today, because without st. valentine, there would be no valentine's day!

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