Sunday, February 12, 2006

straight from the farm

only a catholic campus ministry can make nearly $5000 on poo.

the scene was everson, washington. 500 tickets were sold to "purchase" sections of a field owned by the family of one of western's peer ministers. on saturday morning, when mike declared "go", the person who purchased the first lucky square to be plopped on by one of the three cows...won $250.

between "go" and it's finished, you could find peeps trying to persuade the cows to move towards their spots on the field...see kristine's dance to scare them towards her square...

if you were there a little early, you saw the cow (the one i'm playing with in the pic above) bite me on my bum. that was a sight. and vickie touching the squishy nose was pretty funny.

and when it was all done...

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