Sunday, February 5, 2006

superbowl sunday

i always wished i could color all over my uniform shirt. my super fabulous little cousin, brandon, did just that.

colored his st. charles shirt. blue. and green. love it.

the highlight of the day was hanging with the fam for the superbowl. wish it could have been the outcome of the game, but the refs had something to do with that. :)

i love my family. they really are the best. nothing like everyone going wild with the interception and run, doing the little dances and faces that scream 'plu football' all over again. guess we're waiting a few years until little b starts playing football!

snapped some really fun shots today with brandon, tim, and papa. can't wait to play with them and get them on my 365 project...

life is good. this weekend, i found my iPod charger, spent time on a great bellarmine natural helpers retreat, did my taxes, cleaned out the playroom, finished some super duper valentine's special delivery packages, washed the bmw (yes! it is available in steel blue!), listed some goodies on eBay, and ordered my adobe creative suite 2. i cannot wait to install it. so many fun, sweet features, and thanks to an uber-special angel, it was only $400 instead of $1199! i have about 100 brushes that i've been waiting to use, since they aren't compatible with photoshop elements 2.0 - the version i have now - and i'm SO excited to use them!

off to catch a little grey's anatomy (which is my current fave show), and head to bed. a big week ahead, full of meetings, working lunches, fun dinners and drinks, and capping it off with a weekend in the b-hammer/canada with miss vickie sue. can't wait!!

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