Tuesday, February 7, 2006

random musings

it is past my bedtime. way past my bedtime. and so, i blog. makes sense, right?

the last two days have been packed, and this is my first time to unwind a bit. the only downtime i've had since superbowl night. i suppose that my life ebbs and flows like that, packed and then quiet. full and then empty. i don't like steady continous things. i love to run on adrenaline for a little while, and then chill and totally recharge. by the time i'm done recharging, i'm ready to go again.

lots of good things happening this week. burned bridges on the mend last night. lots of healing and hopefulness. and that makes my heart happy.

fun planning tonight with the estrogen militia, who i hadn't seen for a girls club night in nearly two months. i hadn't realized just how much i missed that. but getting the next few months squared away and planning our 'float the river weekend' and summer retreat brings me joy as well, because i am so blessed by them. we are all so different, but bonded in our faith. i love that. and where else can you actually hear the quote, "if i was a lesbian, you better believe i could have a girlfriend! i know girls who think i'm hot!" just to clarify, that was NOT my quote, but i'll protect the anonymity of the person whose name begins with L, ends with Y and is filled with an INDSA, and not that she WOULD, but that she COULD. :)

tomorrow night holds our first fabulous foursome adventure in quite some time. i've missed kris, chris, dani and i together for a non-relay, non-financial services meeting. just us girls. and tomorrow night, we celebrate kris preparing to leave for mexico on sunday. wow, it sounds like i'm happy she's going away. which, to be clear, i am not. she will be so missed in the office, as well as for her infinite wisdom on my life that she provides. for me, in so many ways, she is the real deal, and an important piece of my life.

thursday night is at the relay for life of eatonville, helping fire up the peeps for their event this year. lacey, the event chair, is in my office, and i'm so excited to be part of her team that night.

speaking of relay...i received the sweetest box of goodies in the mail! straight from trail, bc, canada...miss helen sent me a boxful of canadian cancer society goodies! i ♥ them! and not only that, i woke up to my blackberry buzzing in the middle of the night, with a message saying that ccs had made a donation to my relay team. how freaking cool is that?!?

friday, vic and i road trip to bellingham for the famous cow plop (photos to come!) and some time together up yonder. did i mention that we'll be planning our escapade to europe for pentecost? we're ready to be superheros in europe!

finally, lent starts three weeks from tomorrow.

a few years ago, i led a weekly prayer group for the high school students at st. charles. they were pretty 'hard core', and it was a blessing to be part of that. every lent, we talked about metanoia, or a fundamental change of character. not so much "giving something up for 40 days", but more of a change of heart, to be sown throughout lent, but to continue further on.

last year, i gave up fountain coke. i don't drink coffee, so that was my source of sugar and caffeine. i went through the drive through at mcdonalds like most people visit starbucks. (seriously, mcdonalds fountain coke justs TASTES DIFFERENT!) i slowly adopted diet coke, and broke myself of the habit of sugar each day. it was a good change physically and mentally.

but what for this year? what changes do i need to effect in my life?

let's not ask my dad. he would have way too many opinions on this question, and i can successfully handle JUST ONE for lent.

so for me, i'm giving up unhappy words. words that hurt people's feelings, and words that tend to be four letter words, and words that put down more than put up. and my request of everyone around me...please hold me to it. don't let me slack when i'm frustrated. challenge me to live out my metanoia, especially when i don't want to. that will mean so much to me.

i think that's all for now. it's 11:36, and i need to get up in 5 hours and 24 minutes. sleepy time calls!! it's almost wednesday!!

p.s. have you ordered your candy grams yet?!? just three more days!

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Anonymous said...

Yes Shelley, it was too much too know. But you are still blognomenal!

Johnny Danger

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