Thursday, February 23, 2006

just a few deets

first, curses to those who developed the show lost! since i started watching it last weekend, i am through 12 episodes of the first season, and have to make myself turn it off. i have finished every project that you can think of while sitting in front of the tv - folding clothes, organizing my jewelry boxes, sorting things to give away, cleaning out magazines and books, balancing my checkbook and playing fetch with viper.

i also found myself taking a shower with my shower door half open, because i kept thinking that ethan rom is going to be standing in my bathroom and i don't want to be caught off guard. i know, i am a nerd.

that show is addictive, and one of my new faves.

second, finished editing my first newsletter for the relay for life of tacoma. and thanks to my super fabulous photoshop cs2, you can read it using adobe acrobat!

all for now...looking forward to a weekend on the olympic peninsula, at the lodge. can't wait!!

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