Saturday, February 18, 2006

the bitter chill

the arctic blast finally hit the northwest.

after several days of "prepare your homes for the storm to end all storms", the cold finally set in last night. there's extreme (extreme - being relative to the northwest) cold without moisture, something we never see here. it's right at freezing right now, and heading down to about 18 degrees tonight as we sleep.

as it is still a three day weekend (whoo hoo!), i packed up the bmw and headed south to portland to catch up with close friends of mine, matt and lisa. the scene i loved while walking up the sidewalk was the frozen hose out front, with the water dripping...frozen in time.

it was so good to see them. you know the kind of friends where time can pass from when you see them, long or short, and when your paths cross again, it's like there's been no gap? that's our friendship. in most ways, lisa and i are so similar, that it's almost uncanny. you'd think we'd drive one another nuts...but it just works. i can't explain it.

i met their little one, caiden, for the first time. he is unbelievably cute. canny the canonlens got a chance to meet him, though with the low temperature, we were confined to the inside. took a few shots that i love...can't wait to share them. in the meantime, i put together a little storyboard of photos below.

headed back to lloyd center, my old stomping grounds from college. hard to believe it's been seven years since i lived in portland, seven years since i had four day weekends every weekend (yea for spring semester, senior year), seven years since life seemed simple, well, simpler.

lisa and i celebrated our amazing deals - i picked up the cutest sweaters and shirts ($5.99 and $4.99) and a cute stripey hat ($1!!), and finally bought two pairs of crocs - one in pink and one in lime. i've been wearing my pink ones ever since i picked them up this afternoon (yes, just like a little kid). they are so freaking comfy. and yes, i wore them with my red coat. i lived on the edge. it was thirty degrees, cut me some slack! and best of sales tax! :)

can't wait to see them again this spring...

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