Sunday, January 8, 2006

to celebrate twenty-ten years

Vickie Sue's twenty-tenth birthday soiree started down at Titlow Beach...we figured the only thing we had to deal with was the fading sunlight...little did we know that the downpour would send us straight to Six Olives a little early!

A few things we learned tonight:
  1. Stella, when wearing her boots, can curse like a sailor
  2. Cameras, carried in a camera bag, are NOT allowed inside theaters. However, cameras hidden in your pocket or in your purse, are allowed. But don't video the movie and sell it at a swap meet.
  3. Amy does a really funny "fat guy in a little coat" impersonation. Even funnier is Rachael videotaping it. We may have a "Best of Amy" compilation at some point!
  4. You see some of the strangest peeps at theaters. Tonight's main event was a guy with a mullet, but mohawked in front, and a big ol' bald spot in the back. Truly, a mullet you only see once in a lifetime. Too obvious to get a shot of him in the theater, but when he happens to park five cars away from you, and Vickie and Stella can stand just so, you can look like you're taking a photo of them, but really taking a photo of him. Unless, that is, the freaking theater manager confiscated your battery and you forgot to put it back in!
  5. Lemon oil is NOT a good additive to a lemon drop. Makes it so tart that even I don't finish it.
  6. Twenty ten birthdays are too much fun to pass up. Thanks for having it, Vic! ♥
To share a few of my favorite shots...

Vickie and I will always be #1 and #1...

Vic and Mena, her ferocious (!) Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Our last shot, with the Narrows Bridge(s) in the can see the rain falling :)

And because no birthday is complete without dessert...
(and if you think the martini glass for desserts is big,
you should have seen our OTHER drinks!)


foxmulder said...

Interesting use of adobe photodraw, and you know EXACTLY what I mean!

shelley said...

ha ha ha...
photoshop is a beautiful thing.
i love it. :)

kilipohi said...

Yeah, the photos look awesome, but don't they always! I had a great time.

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