Sunday, December 25, 2005

christmas musings

In Pope Benedict's visit to Santa Maria Consolatrice Church on December 18th, he said that "Joy is the real gift of Christmas, not expensive things that cost time and money ... Joy can be spread in any number of simple ways: a smile, an act of kindness, a helping hand, forgiveness. By bringing joy to others, joy will soon come back to those who gave it."

And that's what I feel this year at Christmas. For me, one of the best joys is going home to Gig Harbor, and being able to spend time with my family, celebrating the nutty, quirky things that we do. Being together. Laughing, eating, and guessing which gifts have been re-gifted. If you were guessing the nuts and apple in Mom's hands, you'd be right. :) Dad and I received a big box of Harry and David goodies at work from a company we did business with this year, and he 'rewrapped' them for Mom, telling her she was the "apple of his eye." Oh, so Dad.

Things I love about this year's Christmas...
  • Mom's gifts. Not just one, but TWO grill pans from her! "I thought you would like it!" So much, that she gave it to me twice!
  • Monk Rock. Three copies for the fam, from Mom.
  • White toast. It always tastes better when Mom makes it. Especially when she brings it to you in bed, after you didn't sleep all that well.
  • My brother, being himself. (See photo of him wearing wrapping paper and bows.) He always makes me laugh.
  • The Carlsons, who probably know more about my family's inner workings than any other family. Which, if you think about it, is a pretty scary thought. :)
  • The dogs, both getting bones in their stockings, and being pretty content with the world once they've got them in their mouths.
And cozy in my home this afternoon, keeping my germies to myself and sleeping, so I can take in another Christmas celebration tomorrow.

The final count...

52 holiday cards
50 Christmas cards

And today is Christmas! Merry merry Christmas!

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