Saturday, December 24, 2005

an artist guided by an infinite inspiration

Featured on the cover of the Tacoma News Tribune today...

A great story about seminarian JD Shrum, who Mikey was in the seminary with at Mt. Angel in Oregon. Featured on my 365 photo project in August, his work is amazing.

He wrote the icon of St. Anthony (right next to his head) holding the baby Jesus and is working on the icon of St. Mary Magdalene.

He taught a workshop on icons at Convention in November, and was at my parents' home Mass last weekend in the Harbor. With guys like these aspiring to the priesthood, it makes the future of the Church look pretty good!

The story in the News Tribune
A very cool 'audio slideshow', only available on the web

One last little sidenote...
When JD finished his most recent icon of St. Anthony, he brought it into the first grade to show the wee munchkins. My little cousin, Brandon, was in the class. He was so excited that when he got home, he painted an icon of his own, just like JD's (as best as a seven year old can replicate) of St. Anthony. My grandma Mary would be so proud. ♥

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