Thursday, November 10, 2005

(unbelievably) lazy days

A first for me. Just chilling. Sleeping...laying out...water aerobics at the Hyatt...daily Mass this morning at Maria Lanakila Catholic Church...

The mosaic above is in the back of Maria Lanakila - of Father Damien, who is best known for his work with the leper colonies on Molokai. When Mike was here last, he took a mini-pilgrimage over to Molokai with the peeps from the church, and actually met one of the peeps from the Vatican who was investigating a miracle attributed to Father Damien, one of the first steps for Damien to become a saint. More deets on Damien here.

In fact, I've slept more here than I probably have in the past few weeks. I've also read a bunch, especially poolside. By yesterday, I had finished 852 pages of the books I packed. Made a mean mai tai (even if I don't like rum, it was still pretty yummy), and absolutely loved the fact that my Safeway card saved my $10 on vodka for fresca myascas! The Estrogen Militia would be so excited! Can't do that at home! :)

Heading to Wailea tonight for dinner with friends, and planning to stop by the Shops at Wailea for some good shopping. I love Maui.

Off to the pool!

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Anonymous said...

I like the Shops at Wailea! Don't forget your friends (and coworkers!). And NO Series 7 presents....just love gifts!

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