Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Hump Day Happies

  1. My brother, Mikey. The photo above was taken last year on Thanksgiving Day...when he tired of our taking photos for the Christmas pics. He's an amazing blessing to me, who inspires me each day with his servant warrior attitude and living testimony of his life. Couldn't have asked for a better little bro.
  2. Christmas shopping - half done! Can you believe it?!? My goal is to be all done, with gifts wrapped under the tree, by Papa's birthday on the 10th. No problem.
  3. Dani - she never gives up, especially when she wants something. She's like Carrie Bradshaw, on the hunt for Manolos...and they're in her eagle eye range. And there is no one better to have a VegasShower experience with. :)
  4. iTunes and iPy my iPod - seriously, one of my current addictions. At 832 songs and counting, and just purchased my 500th song from iTunes. Oh, that feels really painful. Right in my wallet. Ouch. But the Super Fabulous Christmas CD, 2005 Edition is all done!
  5. Brian - thank you. You are always there with your super fabulous wisdom, and couldn't imagine the last three years without your role in my life. We got 'er dun.

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