Wednesday, October 5, 2005

God bless rakes

A sight above my house right now...the huge tree in my front yard. I'm willing to bet that when I return home next Monday, that a good deal of these leaves will be blanketing the grass instead of covering the trees...

Ten things that make me smile right now...
  1. Two days until I leave for sunshine in Las Vegas with the Fabulous Foursome
  2. Seven days until I leave for San Francisco for the night
  3. The greatest photo of Viper...will be posted tomorrow on Through My Eyes
  4. My best friends, Vickie and Stella, who are something else
  5. Cool big projects that will require a good deal of kleenex
  6. Madre and Padre's kitchen remodel goodies are FINALLY all ordered and ready to begin in early be finished when we all return from Maui...
  7. A cute old photo of me and my little brother
  8. Knowing that the top-searched phrases to find my blog are: "family truckster", "viper mauss", "things to do when you can't sleep", "EMAL", and my name...since I started tracking hits in July, Viper's World and Through My Eyes have had 9,282 visitors!
  9. Unpacking and to create order in things, especially if it's topped off with a little Gaylord Focker and creme brulee...
  10. Surprise flowers when I didn't expect them...thank you! :)

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