Monday, October 10, 2005

For my mama and papa

Mom and Dad celebrate their 35th today...

For the last six weeks, Papa, Mikey and I have been working on a project recreating the 35 years of their marriage...through the eyes of our family and friends. Papa sent a letter asking for memories from those we love, and the letters we received over the upcoming weeks were absolutely incredible.

Mikey and I put together a DVD of photos to their wedding song, Bridge Over Troubled Water...Mikey found a photo of their hands intertwined from their wedding in 1970, which I layered in with a recent photo from last month, and the cover for the DVD is above.

My favorite was Thursday night, when I was hustling to get everything finished in time for them to leave for the weekend, and me to leave for LV...Mom stops me and asks for their anniversary card from me. Like I forgot. Sheesh! I told her I had four more days until the actual day so I had all the time in the world to pick one could tell she was annoyed. Gotcha!

You two are the best. Mikey and I both love you so much. Happy anniversary...

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