Saturday, September 17, 2005

Of long friendships

You never know where your best friends will come from. Never did I imagine that through the "interesting" experience we all had at St. Vincent's that I would find Vickie and Stella. When you look back, Vickie (who was the Life Teen director) had a pretty cool dream team including, Michael G, Jonathan, me, Mikey, and Stella. (Photo circa fall 2000)

Imagine how fun that would be now...

Anyway, six years later, we celebrated our friendship with a perfect weekend getaway to Portland. While the weekend had some great highs (see all the other posts from this weekend) and some challenges (mainly disappearing goodies, the first accident in my BMW, and missing Caiden's baptism <for which I promise to make it up to you, Matt and Lisa>), we were blessed to spend the time together.

Overheard this weekend...
  • "I feel so much better now knowing we didn’t break that door."
  • "I just did the chicken dance with Brother Claude."
  • "MoBells, there sure is a lot of Britney on this road trip CD."
    "Of course there is! That girls KNOWS heartache!"
  • "Oh she did NOT!" (repeated loudly, and often, by MoBella, often accompanied by a hand gesture)
  • "This has been such a great low key weekend." Followed pretty soon by...
  • "You may want to honk. I think that guy is going to hit us. "
    Crunch. "He hit us."
  • "Yes, I’m Shelley. More commonly known as Mike’s sister."
  • "I want to learn this dance."

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