Sunday, June 26, 2005

Renee...we're hot on your trail!

There is nothing better than Kenny Chesney on stage. Well, there are a few things better :) - but this was a pretty super fabulous evening. Amy, Kris, Vickie and I spent some quality time with Blaine Larsen (from Buckley!), Gretchen Wilson, and Kenny...Ann Wilson (who Kris told me was in Heart) and Uncle Kracker even stopped by for a few...

Renee's lucky she didn't show up - we were game for an old-fashioned chick fight, where the winner got to take home her husband. :)


Anonymous said...

Shelley I can't believe what you said about taking home Kenny after you beat up Renee. That is pretty risque for a Devout Catholic! I am shocked, not really.

Anonymous said...

I agree Sir Timmy of Monacco! Are you sure you want her franternizing with your gorgeous wife? She could be a very bad influence on our sweet, innocent, and very impressionable Krissy!

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