Wednesday, May 11, 2005

If they can't see you...

...In the stands at night, can they see you in the morning?

Evidently so! A special thank you to everyone who asked the photog to take this fine photo... ;)

This week has been wild - not a moment to sit down or relax, but just following up on all kinds of loose ends in preparation. It's been incredible. In three days, our team has raised over $10,000 to bring our total to $18,000 and we're on our way to $30,001!!

And people have been absolutely amazing to me. From flowers, jungle-themed cookies, my super fabulous lemon gifts for Shelley Mauss Day, the world's best white truffle shampoo and conditioner, cards, notes, and the coolest lunch and dinner today with some of my favorite peeps...I cannot complain for one moment. I am blessed with an incredible group of friends and volunteers. Other events should be jealous of our peeps. :)

A very special thank you to my family - for this week, my mom has run errands for me and given me a beautiful angel, my papa has been so incredibly patient and kind with my time this week, and my super duper brother is giving up his Friday and early Saturday to come down and help me, even though WWU has their big spring retreat this weekend. While you may be blessed with the world's greatest daughter/sister, I am blessed with the most loving family. You are sweet!

Your prayers have been so felt - even in the midst of the fever I have come down with, my energy and peace have increased. I can't thank you enough. I really hope you'll come down to the event and see it. There, you will see the effects of your divine requests.

I love you!

Two last wishes...
Happy birthday to Lindsay "Just Say Your Goal Three Times A Day And It Will Happen" Milasich! Forgive me for missing your birthday tonight...don't make "me dead to you"!!

Happy Kris Babbitt Day to Kris Babbitt...No one else could ever fill Babster, TFN's shoes!

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