Saturday, May 14, 2005

2005 Relay For Life - Record Year!

What an incredible weekend! Above you see a quarter of the cancer survivors in the Opening Survivors' Lap... Since I'm pretty close to exhausted (11 hours of sleep over the past three nights - total) are some super fabulous highlights of our event...until I have a chance to fill you in a bit more later...
  • 2 talented, amazing event MCs who kept us going for 24 hours
  • A record turnout for cancer survivors in the Opening Ceremonies - when they began the first lap, the front of the pack was 3/4 away around the track before the last survivors began their first steps!
  • Some incredible weather - rain, icky humidity (I kissed straight hair away early on), and sunshine for the closing ceremonies
  • The blessing of covered bleachers in the grandstands when it poured and tentsites flooded
  • An incredible group of event volunteers who kept things moving smoothly throughout the entire time
  • An amazing Logistics Coordinator who kept great care of the event - we were so blessed. Kris, there's no way to thank you!
  • Record number of teams, survivors, and record event ending totals - $775,000 so far!

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Anonymous said...

Shelley, your mom gave me your blog address -- I hope you don't mind. I love it! And it was so fun to see your smiling face and all that you are doing. I loved seeing all the relay stuff as well.

Take care ... I think of you often. Carolyn

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