Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Seven Quick Takes: The Alexander Edition

In no particular order.
  • Alexander is eight months old now.  His hair is fine and blonde...and gets curly on occasion.  When that happens, I hold him up like the "Lion King" and let him know that he's definitely my son.
  • He's 13 pounds -- still on the "little peanut" side, but a crazy big eater like his older brothers.  The other morning, he had half a cup of peaches and pears and an entire banana.  Right now, he eats: bananas, sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, green beans, avocados, yogurt, apples, chicken, fish, and butter.  Gotta add some poundage somewhere!  I am still making all his baby food, and the Vitamix is amazing for doing it in bulk.  I usually make a week's worth over the weekend and just take what we need throughout. 
  • He sleeps through the night better than his older brothers.  No kidding.  Every morning around 4, I hear Thomas going to get a drink of water in the kitchen before coming to check on us.  Alexander sleeps through everything.
  • They are all sleeping in the same room.  Thomas on the top bunk, John Paul on the bottom bunk, and Alexander in the crib.  It actually works really well. 
  • We found amazing sleep again.  Last Saturday night, we all got home from Gig Harbor around 10:00.  When Jonathan and I woke up the next morning without a single Wee Ski in our bed and neither of us woke up the entire night...we both agreed we hadn't slept that well in 5 years.  IT WAS HEAVENLY.
  • My little peanut is still in 0-3 and 3-6 month clothing.  We definitely got incredible use out of the newborn clothes and the tiny 0-3 ones.  His 6 month size "Sprouffske Trees" sweatshirt should fit just in time for tree season.
  • He popped two teeth within a week of each other.  His sweet little smile has two tiny little teeth rising from his gums. 
  • A bonus one:  He is such a chill baby.  I thought John Paul was laid back.  This kid is crazy calm.  I took all the boys to see Planes last Friday, and as long as Alexander was fed, he was happy and content to sleep and watch the movie.  He plays with his brothers, giggles at what they do, doesn't mind when Thomas drags "the kid" all over the house (as Thomas calls him), and is happiest in the backseat of the car right next to 1.0 and 2.0.  It makes the craziness of 3 boys under 5 so much easier.  I love it.

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