Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Project Life: Week One

Finally getting started with uploading the pages...I am all caught up through week 3 and am looking for a bit of downtime to pull together week 4. 

I am loving this style of scrapbooking. 

Keeping things very organized and simple (using dropbox to sync up my iPhone and my Dell) has made it a breeze.  And I am loving an hour or two to myself to look back over the week and save those memories...since clearly, newborn brain is nearly as bad a pregnancy brain for memories!

This is our first week of the year.  Snippets of our life.

I am letting my type-A-ness of perfect images all the time go, because right now, it's most important for me to REMEMBER this stuff...even if an image is blurry from my iPhone.  And I'm finding that doing that works for me right now...since I am treasuring seeing our lives all in one spot. 



Digital templates  |  AC Digitals
Digital kit  |  Bridgeport Edition Childhood Mini Kit
Font  |  PMN Caecilia

See?  Super simple.  


KCina said...

Awesome! I keep thinking I'm gonna do DIL (digital), just haven't caught the bug yet! Great job!

KCina said...

DIL (day in life) PL (project life) know what I mean....

MaryRuth said...

looks awesome!! how do you sinc your iphone with dropbox?

this would save me a ton of time!

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