Thursday, November 1, 2012

Prayers, please (updated)

In no particular order right now...but all amazing, talented, wonderful people. 
  1. For our good friend, Andrew.
    He was taken to the ER by ambulance last night for a stroke seizure caused by a brain tumor.  He's YOUNGER THAN ME, and I can't imagine what they are going through right now.  Please lift him, his wife Kat, their family, and his doctors up during this time for peace, hope and guidance.  Jonathan and I love them because they are mini-cougar marriage like ours.  :)  5-6 years really isn't that know?!?  :)  Praying that the tumors have not spread and that they are treatable. 
  2. For Anna Greenberg, fighting brain cancer at 27 years old.
    She was one of the amazing Hope Trio that spoke at the Arizona Summit that I emceed.  Two years ago, she made the decision to get healthier, so she committed to losing weight. She lost 90 pounds over the next year and ran a half-marathon...only to be diagnosed with cancer THE DAY AFTER her half.  She was subsequently diagnosed with lung cancer last spring.  At the Summit, she had vision problems and none of us ever considered that the cancer could have spread to her brain -- she's only 27, you know?!?  Since that Summit, she's had 3 brain surgeries, the most recent last Saturday.  She is a staff partner for ACS and one of a kind.   Full of Anna'tude.  Her FB post when she was heading into the most recent surgery?  "Time for my brainwash, bye!"  We laugh because I'm not technically in her "tribe" -- she's Jewish and I'm Catholic -- but I've told her all my Catholic peeps have her back too.  :)
  3. For the repose of the soul of Lee Angus.
    She was the Relay For Life lead for all of Canada (kind of like a Canadian Reuel Johnson, for my Relaying friends), and just passed from cancer.  I had the great opportunity to work with her when she invited me to speak to the Canadian Cancer Society and train their volunteers and staff.  A beautiful woman and dedicated Relayer.  She will be missed.
  4. For Grant Vosburgh, getting ready to enter another round of chemo.
    He was our lifesaver at the National Summit, when our training family lost Phylecia and Steve that week when they were unable to travel.  He immediately stepped up to help out in our breakouts and moved his radiation appointment to 6:30 am and wore his chemo on his hip so he could train.  He is an incredible man and great Relayer...and he and his wife have both fought the same type of cancer.
  5. For Christi Hill, as she is fighting kidney cancer.
    Her husband, Jay, and I were in the same class as financial advisors at Merrill, beginning in the same month.  This photo is from the 2005 Relay For Life in Tacoma - she is in the purple survivor shirt, when she was fighting breast cancer and she walked the survivor lap for the first time.  She is an AMAZING woman.  After she recovered from breast cancer, she became a personal trainer specializing in breast cancer survivors and their recovery.  She was just diagnosed with stage IV kidney cancer, which has metastasized to her lungs.  As she says, "the medical world gives her a fairly short timeline to complete her bucket list!"  She had surgery yesterday to remove her kidney and we are praying for His will in her life. 
  6. For our friends Ryan and Danielle and their sweet baby Brooklynn
    They were placed with a beautiful daughter born earlier this month...and now there's a chance that Brooklynn may not be their forever child.  They shared a beautiful blog post this morning about what they are going through, and would cherish your prayers for His will to be done, even if it's not in their will.  Please pray for continued grace in their lives as they walk this uncertain journey.
Thanks, all, for your prayers for these amazing people in our lives...the Skis (and beyond) are so blessed by you!


Unknown said...

Thinking of you and all those you know that are fighting cancer. One thing I didn't count on when I started volunteering was how many people I would come to care about who are fighting. It's hard sometimes, but inspiring as well. Hang in there and my thoughts are with them all!

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