Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Wee Skis: Right Now

John Paul  |  Thirteen months old  •  Thomas  |  Three years old

So many awesome things about right now.  In no particular order...
  • Thomas is growing into a protective older brother. 
    Contrast that with his earlier versions of himself as using John Paul as a tee for his golf club and being tormentor extraordinaire...At Mass this morning, Thomas decided to sit in back with his friend, Mr. Kimball.  John Paul and I sat in front because I was lectoring.  John Paul was wearing a slightly larger shoe size than normal, and kept falling on his bottom.  The third or fourth time, he fell and dropped all his pew cards that he had been carrying around.  All of the adults (myself included) started giggling.  Thomas immediately stood up on his chair and said, "Don't laugh at John Paul!"  He ran over and picked up all of the pew cards, put them away, and patted John Paul on the head.  "It's okay, brudder.  I'm here." 
  • They are playing together so well. 
    Basically, John Paul wants to do everything Thomas does. Thomas loves the attention.  We played frisbee last night in the fields, and even though John Paul couldn't catch or throw, Thomas brought it to him and made sure he was involved. 

    When I was in Nashville over the weekend, Jonathan posted this on my facebook wall:
    SPROUFFSKE SPORTS NEWS UPDATE....With Mom out of town, and a full sky of rain, the boys turned to inside activities to get the morning started. Lacking adult supervision, Papa quickly taught both John Paul and Thomas how to play tag inside. The game went fine with TL and JP trading points while running between the living room and the bedroom. Thomas decided to go for the win by attempting a flying belly flop off of his parents bed and onto John Paul. His timing was off and all he received for his effort was 3 minutes in the penalty box. John Paul decided that two could play at this game, and as Thomas exited the penalty box in the kitchen, John Paul lurked in the back hallway and took down Thomas with what could best be described as a lunging clothesline. Thomas demanded an immediate investigation into SkiBountyGate and goldfish crackers. When the allegations were unfounded TL quit playing leaving JP the undisputed champion...This concludes your SPROUFFSKE SPORTS NEWS UPDATE. 
  • Having two technologically savvy boys is hilarious at times.
    Thomas knows his way around both iPads and iPhone, knows which ones have which movies and music, and which ones have specific family photos or videos he loves to watch ALL THE TIME.  He also knows how to use the camera on both of them, and change it to video as well.  This was a funny surprise to find on my iPad (mind you -- there was about 24 copies of these images in a row, my little autoshooter)...See me?  Oh yes, that's pregnant, exhausted Mommy, in the middle of a two hour nap, under three blankets and out for the count.  You can see my hair right behind John Paul's neck.  Thomas built a fort for John Paul to climb up to the sofa next to me...and then they spent an hour jumping into the fort off the sofa.  Evidence found on the iPad, since the fort itself was destroyed before I woke up. 

    Me?  Still sound asleep. 

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