Friday, May 18, 2012

Two wheels and ready to go

Last night, we finished dinner and it was still beautiful outside.  Jonathan headed out to a fire commissioner meeting, and we weren't ready for bed yet. 

Outside was perfect - not too cool, not too warm.  We put on our helmets and started packing up into the bike trailer.  And then Thomas turned to me.

"Mommy, I ride my own bike."

And he did.  We went  down Finian and to the edge of the farm and back, stopping about two dozen times.  "Just need a quick break, Mommy. I'm okay."

He's learning about control on his balance bike, because there are no pedals or brakes.  He crashed three times.  There were no tears or drama.  He was usually behind John Paul and me, and I could hear him go off the road into the grass.  I loved his pep talk to himself as he recovered.  "Okay, I'm okay. Just gotta get back up and keep going."  Then to me, "I'm okay, Mommy! I'll catch up! On your mark, get set, start your engines, go!"

And off he went.

If only I could always have that attitude when I've fallen.  I love this kid.

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