Monday, May 14, 2012

In the Skitchen

An idea, for me, that's been long overdue.  You could say it's been slow cooking in my mind.  :)

It's never ceased to amaze my long-term friends on how significantly my style in the kitchen has changed over the years.  Once an avowed anti-vegetarian who wowed guests with hot pockets, takeout disguised as homemade and "soup poured over chicken" (that one's for you, Rich Brownrice), our Ski kitchen - or Skitchen, if you will - looks dramatically different than my kitchen did years ago. 

"In the Skitchen" will be a chance to open up our kitchen, share my favorite gadgets, ingredients, methods, tips and well as highlight my favorite Wee Ski Sous Chefs as they learn about food and cooking.  Cooking should be fun and easy, or it's not something that you'll want to continue.  Now, if only I had a "dishes fairy"...

TODAY'S MINI SKITCH  Kids who make their own food will eat virtually anything they create.

The night before this photo, I taught Thomas how to slice strawberries with the help of the egg slicer.  He must have sliced three dozen strawberries and was still ready for more.  When I started breakfast the next morning, he wanted a strawberry green smoothie as well.

He pulled the spinach out of the container, smushed it into the VitaMix, sliced up more strawberries (not needed for the VitaMix, but who am I to stop him from his great joy?) and added a little milk and lots of ice.  We fired up the VitaMix together, and ended up with an awesome dark green smoothie which he devoured...because he made it. 

"Mommy, put it in MY cup!  I want to drink my own smoothie!  Don't take it!  It's mine!"

And well, the concept of 'sharing' wasn't included in today's skitch.  I'll save that for another day.  :)

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