Thursday, May 10, 2012

Boys and their toys

And springtime is finally here.

We've been able to spend the past few evenings outside, after dinner.  Without rain. Without mud. Without puddles everywhere.

It's been the best medicine for a long, dark, wet winter.

The other night, Jonathan and Thomas hit golf balls into our empty tree fields by the house.  Watching them together was so much fun...Papa and his mini-me.

Tonight, I cleaned the chicken run and the boys played in the driveway on their bikes.  It was John Paul's first time on his big brother's firetruck...absolutely thrilled.  And Thomas was a great big brother -- sharing so well. 

One-year-old problems: John Paul could only go forwards, so at the end of each pass for him, I'd lift him up and spin him around to start again.

I'll be honest -- I am so grateful that John Paul has no idea he has a siren and music on the firetruck.  I could do without another three years of that.

This is one of my favorite views right now. 

Life is messy.  There's toys everywhere and water everywhere and lots and lots of dirt and mud.  At the same time, they are squealing and laughing and giggling and cheering and joy and discovery and little brothers learning how to play together and it's the best.

Dirt and all.

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