Thursday, March 1, 2012

I's not a baby. I's a boy.

We've been having this conversation ALL THE TIME.  The past few days, Thomas has been very focused on who is a baby, and more importantly, who is NOT a baby. 

"John Paul's a baby, Mommy.  I's not a baby.  I's a boy."

And then I see this photo and tear up a bit.  Yes, he is a boy.  A little one, but a boy nonetheless. 

When John Paul took his morning nap yesterday, Thomas found his bubbles and wanted to play outside.  For now, I'm calling my Lenten experience my "Stinky Fish Lent", so I was more than eager to take a break.  We headed outside and blew some bubbles.

And I brought my camera.  I love shooting for myself again.  Every fall, I go on photo overload from editing thousands of images of other people.  It's always in the quietness of January and February that I seek out my camera again...and I love these.  Just my sweet little boy and his big smile. 

My sweet little boy who is enamored with bubbles.


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Unknown said...

I keep having sort of the same convo with the youngest 2 1/2 she knows for a fact she is a girl, but she also knows she is not a human. Being a girl trumps being human. :) It is scary how fast they grow. Already Sky is standing on her own, I know her first step is going to happen soon and while I want her to grow and learn it makes me cry. Your boys are beautiful and funny and smart! I'm glad you are finding time for your own photography.

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