Thursday, February 16, 2012


At prayers tonight, before bed:"Who do you want to pray for, Thomas?"
"Papa, BearBear, Mag-dy and Jesus. And Mommy and John Paul and hot dogs and hungry people."
"Where's Maggie, buddy?"
"She's with Jesus.  Her owie's all better.  I found her doggy bones on the deck.  I like bones.  Can I eat them?"

Yesterday, just before Mass, when I was a little overwhelmed after trying to get Thomas in the car and he was looking for Maggie.  We had just gotten to the church parking lot and I was getting out of the car.  One of the sweet older gentlemen who attends daily Mass with us stopped me and gave me a crisp bill:
"Do you ever take the boys out for a treat?  I know it takes a lot of effort to get them here every day.  And sometimes you just need to take time for a special treat because it's not easy with little ones.  You can go out for breakfast or something!"
All I could do was cry.  And finally, it wasn't ugly crying.  It was just a comforted cry.

This morning, Thomas ran out to the living room, yelling.
"Mommy!  Mommy!  Look!  It's Maggie!"

He was holding my iPad and on the screen was this photo:

And I said, "Sweetie? Who is in the photo?"
"That's Maggie, Mommy!  She is running again!"
"Who is with her?"
"That's a bunny, Mommy!  Isn't it cute?  It's a little bunny!"

Oh, Viper, you're now a bunny.

I'm sorry, pup.

Jonathan said later, "Does that mean John Paul will look at this photo in a few years and think it's a polar bear running with the little bunny?"


Unknown said...

Oh my heart. This made me cry for the loss of yet another angel with fur. But I have to admit the tears were met with laughter when he called Viper a bunny.

Tia said...

Gratefull for sharing this

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