Thursday, January 26, 2012

SNOW BLISS: Also titled: Before the ice storm

I tried to upload these before the power went out...ahh, if I'd only known!

You could also call this post "When Snow Was Fun Before It Turned Our SkiWorld Upside Down".  Photos post-ice-storm to come later.

I took this photo just after jumping up and down with excitement. I may have teared up with joy.  We hadn't had real snow in more than a year. It was so early that the only light was from my million-watt mini UV bulbs on the front porch.  SNOW!!

What an idiot I was. 

After the sun came up...

John Paul slept through this adventure outside.  He was cozy and warm.  So was Jonathan.  Thomas and I headed out to embrace the frosty majesty of the winter landscape.  If only Clark Griswold was here with us to enjoy it.

Thomas is STANDING UP in the snow:

Right in front of our front porch, under the eave.

The major task was to check on the chickens.  We could hardly see them from the house. 

So I pulled out the sled (by using the garage door opener!  Wow!  It opened when I pressed the button!) and Thomas jumped on. We trekked out to the chickens.

And this was what we found after clearing some snow.  The Eglu seriously became a sweet little igloo for them...the water in their dish and the ground on the run was not frozen.

The baby douglas firs.  That fenceline is at the front of the property, right by the mailbox.  I now know the meaning of the word "snow-capped". 

Zeus the generator, the composter and the propane tank.  Yes, as Dan Ireland stated, that generator could power half of Africa.  But only when it's already wired into the house.  Which it wasn't.  And for which I am incredibly grateful that Jonathan didn't remind me incessantly about it, since it was my fault. He could have launched into "I told you so" a million times, but didn't.  And that's why I am a lucky wife.

But, really, when you have good weather, wiring in the generator isn't as high on the priority list, you know?  Lesson learned.  The electrician has already ordered the transfer switch for the house.  Getting installed shortly.

Off the deck.  This ended up freezing into an ice crust so when Thomas threw bones out to Maggie, they skidded across the yard.  Mommy had to go get those for our poor sweet dog.

Snow-capped.  Snow-capped.  Now I know.

And one last one of my sweet Wee Ski, throwing snowballs at me. 

This concludes the "I love snow" portion of the blog. More pics to come next week.


KCina said...

Love all your photos...I have to all (not just you, but a LOT of my friends) kept asking for snow..lots of mind just kept thinking back to Dec. 2008...the year we had to walk 1/2 mile thru 20" of snow from my parents neighbors house just to get to their home on Christmas Day! LUCKILY (more like a MIRACLE) they had power the entire time...but the snow was so bad my folks were stuck at home for over a week on their hill.

Fast forward to a little over a week ago and kept telling all my work buddies, BE CAREFUL what you wish for.... ;)

YEAH for power, heat and WATER!!! It truly is the little things in life!

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