Thursday, December 29, 2011

On four years

Four years ago today, I married my very best friend.

I thank God every day that he gave me the gift of my husband.  I am especially grateful to my father-in-law and mother-in-law who raised him. We visited the cemetery a few days ago with a handmade Sprouffske Trees wreath to lay at the gravestone.  I thanked them for being great parents to him, which has given him the chance to be a fabulous dad himself.  We both teared up a little when Thomas added "BearBearMomSki" to his prayers last night before he was tucked into bed.

I love that Jonathan picked out the perfect Christmas gifts (a sweet tricked-out iPad + new video cam for the boys' room). And we spent the night before our anniversary laughing at the boys on the iPad screen as we watched Thomas and his pre-bed antics. 

Do you see his new hiding place in his room?  This is how he normally gets out of bed, climbs off the end, crouches down by the piano and sneaks along the base of the piano and comes out the other side.  I love that the nighttime vision of the camera picks out his green, beady little eyes.  :)

This just makes my heart happy.  Thomas climbed in bed to give John Paul a kiss before he laid down next to him for a bit. 

On his way out...

And one of our new favorites:

The very first Ski bunk bed. 

Jonathan snuck in a little while later to make sure that Thomas wasn't stuck, and found that there were several inches between him and the crib.  He just wanted to be close to John Paul and protect him. 

I woke up this morning with Thomas and John Paul between Jonathan and me, and thanked God again for all I've been given.  Totally love reading this year-ending post from 2006, just a few short weeks before I met Jonathan.  Seriously, the more things change, the more they stay the same.  Just now they have the blessing of 3 Ski boys as well!

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KCina said...

Happy anniversary you two!!! It just keeps getting better!

Love the Cina Family!

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