Thursday, December 8, 2011

December Daily: The first five days

Loving how this is coming together.

Was glad that I read a little December Daily primer on this project...was good to remind me that the pages don't need to be perfect, that documenting what's happening is what's most important, and that it's okay to be busy and still take the time to be creative for myself.

One of my biggest challenges of this season is what feels like the never-ending creative juices flowing...for other peoples' projects.  I didn't finish our own family's card until December 1 this year -- and there had been more than 50 boxes of different projects that had arrived via UPS in the previous month.  As the crazy deadlines for holiday orders nears, it's so good to take some time for our own family projects.

Without further ado, the first five days of December:

The full album is here.


Unknown said...

I really could not love your photos any more than I already do!

I have to ask...what did your family name your elf on the shelf? We bought a skirt for ours and I named it Sally (because there is already waaaaay too much testosterone in this house!)

Unknown said...

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