Friday, November 25, 2011

A modern Advent calendar

After finishing last year's December Daily album and printing it, I remembered why I love FINISHED projects so incredibly much. BECAUSE THEY ARE FINISHED. I love looking back over the month and seeing how it progressed, with little details throughout. 

I left it out throughout the year so we could look through it, and I was surprised at how often Thomas picked it up and would look through the whole thing.  I think that I'll tuck last year's and this year's (after it is finished) away for next year's Advent as a little surprise.   I love the December Daily concept - and can't wait to start this year's album!

When we were growing up, two elves visited our house throughout Advent with little surprises. Named Sam and Max, they often left notes behind in the shoebox where they slept on the porch. Mike and I were too young to be skeptical about the similarities of the elves' handwriting to our mom's handwriting...but alas, that was back in the day when her handwriting was actually legible. :)  When we were small, Mike and my's favorite gifts from Sam and Max were often McDonalds' Happy Meals dropped off at St. Charles for our lunches...but I digress. The concept was a special way to celebrate Advent, and coupled with our Advent wreath, it brought the fun and sacred together beautifully. 

Back to now.  As a surprise for my mom (and my awesome Grandma -- she received a very similar box, different inscription on the inside) and inspired by our Advent elves Sam and Max, I designed an image box for 5x7 images.  Normally, this size holds 100 images, so I added a riser to the inside so that the finished box holds about 50 printed images -- the perfect size for two Advent seasons. 

I selected 28 images (including Christmas day) to mark the beginning of the Advent season.  The images begin in January and progress throughout the year.  Most are highlights of things that happened or just fun photos that I love.  I printed each as a 5x7 print and slid them into individual envelopes.  Each envelope has a label denoting which day it should be opened. 

During our daily prayers as a family in Advent, we'll be saying a special prayer for BearBear and BearBearMom, for Great Grandma Bottenfield, Great Grandpa Mauss and for all of our grandparents that we've lost: BearBearSki and BearBearMomSki, Great Grandpa Bottenfield, and Great Grandma not only will the two boxes bring fun joy each day as new envelopes are opened, but all of our grandparents will be on our hearts in a special way throughout the season.

Onto a few photos:

The inside inscription to BearBear and BearBearMom from the boys:

And the stack of envelopes to be used.  I didn't seal the envelopes, just closed them with the theoretically, the envelopes could be used again!  :)

And finally, the back, with my two favorite little elves. 

Once we hit the end of Advent, I'll post a collection of the images used...can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

This is absolutely amazing! What a wonderful idea, especially for grandparents! Thanks for sharing it. I'm a friend of Lindsay B and I really enjoy all your great ideas!
~Ann Marie

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