Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Seahawks' Home Opener

Our first adventure with both Wee Skis at CenturyLink Field.  So far, it's been their only win.  For the love!

Thomas has his very own Seahawks shirt -- customizes them with names/numbers on the back.  And seriously -- I'm never buying another toddler jersey again with a player's number on it.  As soon as the cash register rings, the player is traded or released.  So we're 12th man-ing it up for now!  And this shirt, of course, can be easily passed on to 2.0 when the time comes!

I made three meals in the morning -- breakfast of eggs & toast, lunch of sandwiches and veggie salad, and dinner of turkey minestrone (tossed into the crockpot).  There's nothing better than leaving the Field and knowing that a tasty delicious dinner is waiting when you get home!

Anyway -- back to the game!

Thomas and Jonathan on the way in...

In Touchdown City, Thomas took off into the giant blow-up obstacle courses.  He face planted right at the end and popped up squealing.  "Mommy!  FUN!"

He gave the gigantic 12th Man a punch or two, since the big guy wasn't fighting back. 

And scored a ride or two or seventeen on Papa's shoulders.

At one point, I ended up with both Wee Skis.  How does Thomas get a nap when we're doing all the work?!?  Sign me up for that job!

Beautiful Qwest, er, CenturyLink Field.  Note that these blue skies were NOT present at the start of the game.

Because THIS is what the start of the game looked like.  SOAKED TO THE BONE.  John Paul is huddled under my fleece and there is literally water running down my face.  It's pouring THAT HARD.  JP and I hid out for a bit under cover until the 1st quarter was over.  I felt no shame. 

And our sweet sleeping Wee Ski.  Clearly they are awesome nappers because THEY FELL ASLEEP and slept through halftime, the third quarter and most of the fourth!   Thomas has got his "touchdown" and "first down" and "SEA-HAAAWKS!" yell down.  Sometimes he mixes up "Sea-hawwwwwks" with his going potty song entitled "poop-daaaaaance", so we've got that going for us.  
Here's to a great & dry season!

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