Sunday, July 17, 2011

All aboard!

Last month, Mom and Dad invited us to a very special railroad adventure.  Since Thomas is ridiculously crazy about trains right now (he was high for days after we drove to the Amtrak station and let him watch trains roll in and out from the comfort of his carseat)...this was an awesome treat.

Jonathan and Thomas joined up with Mom and Dad at the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad in Elbe.  They had scheduled that particular weekend because it was also civil war re-enactment weekend.  On the ride out to the re-enactment, the 'players' in the re-enactment were dressed from the Civil War era.  Never mind that BearBear (Grandpa) bought Thomas a treat for the ride: the very neat and never messy Cheetos cheese puffs.  There's rumors that there were a few re-enactors with small orange handprints on their clothes.  We cannot confirm nor deny that.

Thomas waving to the folks on the train with him during the ride.

Everyone thought that the re-enactment was great until they realized that Thomas would be seeing people get shot, just before it began.  And not knowing what to expect, Thomas watched with intensity and as the players started shooting, he stood up and yelled, "Don't shoot me! Don't shoot me!"  He laughed as it continued.   It's not uncommon to hear him yell "Don't shoot me!" in the house when he's pulling out the laser tag guns.

Thomas dressed up with a few boys.

Tuckered out on the way back from his long day of fighting.

He had an awesome time. I love that there are a few Santa trains around we may just head back!

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