Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Two little Wee Skis all up on the bed...

Meet John Paul.

He's already got a fan club, founded by his big brother, Thomas.  When I came back to the recovery room after he was born, Grandma was holding John Paul, Grandpa was holding Thomas, and Thomas said (very matter of factly), "Mommy!  This is the baby!"

We're pretty sure that he thinks this child is his.  Which is fine, as long as he wants to get up in the middle of the night to change his diapers and feed him!  :)

Jonathan and I had an awesome first night with John Paul, where we weren't worried about what was to come in delivery, what would his health be like, and any other unknown that was on our mind the evening before. We were giggling like little kids and I thanked God that I had the chance to marry my very best friend.  Jonathan was my rock at this same time with Thomas two years earlier -- the first night of our new son -- telling me that he was in trouble and it was going to be a difficult road ahead but it would be okay.  And he was my joy on our first night with John Paul 'out of the womb', as we simply got to enjoy a healthy newborn and learn how to be newborn parents again.

This morning, I am soaking up my last quiet hours in the hospital with John Paul.  The prayers of everyone have been felt in incredible ways -- as this birth was the polar opposite of how Thomas's birth took place.  We've had the best start to his little life outside the womb.  I'd forgotten how much newborns sleep, and have been so blessed to be able to rest and recover here. 

Thomas has had a dream vacation at Grandma and Grandpa's -- lots of wagon rides, choo choo train spottings, eggo waffle breakfasts, and playing with the dogs.  Mom's retirement last Friday could not have been timed better -- and we have been so blessed that Thomas has been able to stay with them. 

For me, being able to wake up and see my son right next to me, instead of having to leave my room for the NICU, has been a blessing that I can't stop thanking God for. 

Jonathan headed home last night to get the house ready, and he'll be back today to bring us home.  We still can't believe that everyone's doing well enough to come home within 48 hours!

I can't wait to share our family's story of his birth...but first, I'm going to feed him again and then we're both going to nap. So I leave you with this image of our little prince, fast asleep...captured by the awesome Lindsay Brown last night in our room...


KCina said...

I'm grinning ear to ear and so happy that you guys get to ALL go home TOGETHER so soon this time!!!

Continued prayers and blessings to you all! Yeah for more Wee Skis in the world!!!

~ Kathy

Family of 4 said...

I LOVE him! That little squishy face and look at those big muscles on his baby arm! SOOO happy for you!

Unknown said...

Praise God for his blessings! I am so, so happy that you had such a precious experience with John Paul's birth, especially after what a trial it was with Thomas being so sick last time. I have been praying for you and I am so relieved that it was such a sweet time for you. And happy that Thomas is so excited. I can't stop smiling!!! :-)

Scrapping in Circles said...

What a blessing!!! I understand how you feel. After the difficult start with our last child, I've been reluctant to have another. Looking at him now, I can't believe all we went through. It's such a blessing to have a "normal" delivery and recovery. May God continue to bless your family!!!

Bridget said...

Beautiful name, beautiful family...
Praise God!

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